Love Letters

a little bit of love

Hey boo. I am smitten —

with you.

Whole heartedly, head over heals.

Beyond the need for reason or understanding.


By your ideas, wonderings, curiosity, desires.

In awe.

Of your bravery, discoveries

and explorations to the edge

of your known realities.

And beyond.

I Adore you.

And appreciate the moments

you to step back into coziness.

Gathering yourself. For yourself.

I am left speechless—

by your rage, passion, and compassion.

I am honored—

to witness your darkness.

as well as your light.

You see, it’s all of you that makes you who you are. And all of you who tickles me to my core. Thank you. Thank you.

I love you.


p.s. Here’s an image of your magnificence — being reflected back to you. Take a moment to breathe it in.

Photo by Tobias Bjørkli:

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