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a little bit of love

Hello boo. I love you.

How about some practice reminders for the holidays? Nothing you don’t already know — but sometimes forget in the heat of the moment. I have been known to forget in the heat of the moment. Or remember and still can’t stop myself from “going there”. The good news is – there’s not really a point of no return. All points have returns.

Let’s keep it simple. Three reminders… to stay connected with yourself this holiday season. (Because that is the most loving thing you can do for everyone.)

1. You are where you are babe.

If you’re feeling like a hater and don’t wanna feel like a hater — cause that’s no fun and YOU want to have some damn fun. And, those hater vibes are taking you out of alignment. And being out of alignment makes you feel scared you might conjure some bad shit. AND it will be your fault because you were walking around with hater vibes…

Whew! Can you see the suffering in that loop? Take three deep breaths and come back into that gorgeous body of yours. Say hello to your grumpy self. Let her know she is not alone. You will not abandon, step over, escape, numb her. She is welcome here. And loved. So so loved.

2. Ask yourself, How can I offer some relief to this part of myself?

Hint: find a way to embody the feelings and offer them a way to move thru you. Right now mine is movement practice. I’ve got my play list ready. Other possibilities… chop wood, go for a walk, clean something (vigorous vacuuming anyone?) Meditating and journaling are also a part of my routine — but they don’t replace movement. If you only have time for one thing, move your body!

3. Sometimes ya gotta give yourself a time out.

A nap. An 8:00 bedtime. A hot bath. A predictable, cozy holiday movie. Comedy! And yes, maybe this will come with a cocktail, a sugar coated thc gummy, some chamomile tea. It’s all good boo. When you choose it consciously — it doesn’t feel like abandonment.

These practices make me think about turning toward — What is. Meeting yourself where you are. But also, turning toward — What you desire. Both have magic healing properties. So I guess this this number 4. Reframing. Paint a new picture. Put on some rose colored glasses. (Yes, I just said that — I know it’s controversial).

The thing is, there are unlimited ways to seeing things. A plethora of perspectives — as you know from any given disagreement you’ve recently had.

And here is the important bit — the way you see things, is most often, the way you will experience them.

So, to recap. Turn towards. Meet yourself with friendliness. Move your body. Then see if you can find a way to reframe what you are looking at. Or look at something else altogether. Something that aligns with your desires.

Everything is here my love, to serve you. Your evolution. Your joy.

You get to choose it. The freedom is yours.

I love and appreciate you so so much. I’ll be logging off and computer free for the next few weeks. See ya in the new year boo.


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