Love Letters

A little bit of love

Hey boo.

How ya doin’?

Are you connected to your body? Take three big, slow, generous breaths. Let the air linger in your body and touch the places that you don’t even know need a little extra breath right now. And you don’t need to know. Trust your body and your breath. Allow. Receive. Effortless ease.

OMG that feels so good!

And now, connected to your body, ask who is here right now? Who is doing the creating, in this moment?

Let me repeat that earth stopping sentence. (That’s how I received it anyway). Who is doing the creating, in this moment?

Yep, whatever part of you is present right now, is also the one creating. Right now.

Now you may be saying… Cool. Or, oh shit.

But don’t worry too much about it, cause this next part is equally mind opening—

You just have to notice. Be kind to yourself. Understand. We humans love getting all tangled up in the drama of life here on earth. It’s ok. Things are working out.

That is enough.

You might realize this is not the best place to be creating from. This an opportunity to ask… Can I meet this part of me with a warm welcome?

That is enough.

Or maybe you’re tuned in and it’s a great moment for creating. And the opportunity is to turn it up a notch.

A notch is enough.

And for now, this is enough.

I love you. To the moon and back.


Photo by Alexandro David from Pexels

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